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(Underdeveloped Countries below.)

What is offered in SPURT Jobs?

SPURT Jobs offers payment in SPURT to Businesses and Organizations working with Volunteers to pay their employee's/volunteers.


  1. If you provide a job to a person above 45 years old, or to a disabled person, you not only receive a compensation for the SPURT they earn, but you ALSO receive the SAME amount they earn for your business, to compensate for possible risks.
  2. If you provide an apprenticeship place, you are not only compensated for the SPURT that person receives, but you are compensated by the same amount for the time you use to educate the youngster.

Requirement for Businesses:

To be able to use this program as a business, you are required to be involved in SPURT already, by working with the SPURT Business Concept.

You can provide SPURT to people who do voluntary work for your organization, whether it is a large organization, or it is a small organization.

  1. You can compensate the volunteers in SPURT Barter for their support for your organization while your organization will earn the same amount in SPURT Barter.
  2. If you have a BUSINESS or an ORGANIZATION working with Volunteers and are interested in the possibilities to work with the SPURT Barter and for businesses with SPURTCrypto, please use THIS form.

Requirement for Volunteers:

In your organization you need to use SPURT as Barter whereever you can, meaning pay for goods and services, and finding businesses accepting SPURT for goods and services you use.

There is another option to use SPURT JOBS

  1. You might be a stay-at-home mom or dad. 
  2. You might take care of someone.

Requirement for Private People using SPURT JOBS:

To get your SPURT in SPURT+ to buy SPURT+Crypto you will need to find businesses accepting SPURT. This will also make it possible for you to earn a good living. Here you find ideas how you can start working with SPURT Barter.

SPURT compensation will take place based on the standards of your geographical position.

Underdeveloped countries have, for each country, other rules. Please request specific information for your country.

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