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New Updates

2018-09-10 We changed the content on Home.

2018-09-10 SPURT Jobs is replacing I offer a Job.

2017-12-16 Your Education, Your Happiness, Steps to take added.

2017-12-16 Your Health, Your Happiness, Steps to take added.

2017-12-16 FAQ for Sound Prosperity Programs (continuously added new questions and answers.)

2017-12-16 There is a new FAQ for SPURT+

2017-12-03 Today we updated many pages (Please see the date in the right hand top of the page). The reason is that until now we provided the opportunity to earn SPURT+ directly, as long as exchange was not yet possible. Now that it will be possible soon, we will STOP this opportunity to get free SPURT+. You will receive SPURT, as compensation for Health Care costs, Education costs and for a Job. As soon as SPURT+ IS exchangeable, it will be much easier to find others who are interested in working with SPURT. That is what should happen. All SPURT clients have now the chance to bring businesses who will accepting SPURT or SPURT+ to do business. They now KNOW that they can exchange it and for that reason will accept it. When they then understand that they can USE the SPURT they received and NOT exchange it, and by using them get 100% compensated, they understand that they can buy products with SPURT and get them compensated. (This is a Promotion!)

2017-12-03 Terms and Conditions for the USE of SPURT

2017-12-03 The Widow's Jar THE opportunity for NGO's

2017-10-22 Vitality Film by the

2017-10-22 Prosperity Film by the

2017-08-30 See in Business concept for SPURT

2017-08-30 Sound Prosperity Teams

2017-08-30 Rules and Guidelines for Teams

2017-08-30 Vote

2017-08-30 Basic information. Lessons to inform what we do, but also to educate groups of people who have no access to the Internet.

2017-08-20 Community Support Fund - City Support Fund - Country Support Fund [CSF]

2017-04-03 Sound Prosperity FREE Basic Application Form (needed for ALL programs.)

2017-04-03 New I offer a Job Form

2017-03-08 Supplier Places, Show Case Places, SPEA

2017-03-06 SPURT+ the Asset Backed exchangeable SPURT.

2017-02-28 Sound Prosperity started the Sound Prosperity Social Organization [SPSO] through which members can join and actively take part in how we can change the world using SPURT.
They will work through the Prosperity Centers and with PAM, BAM and KAM
The members will also be able to actively play a role in the organisation of a yearly Abundance Fest, where all clients can enjoy, relax, and learn from excellent speakers. There will also be special groups of members who are working on the programs SPSO is presenting.
All Projects will be presented on the Abundance Fest, so that others will be inspired.
If you are interested in taking part in the way you can work with SPURT, you can join SPSO now.

2017-02-28 Terms and Conditions for USE of SPURT to the currency of choice.

If you want information please contact Sound Prosperity. 

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